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Rita and I want to thank you for stopping by our store. Our materials are written from a new covenant, grace-based, Christ-centered perspective and are "challenging" to many common beliefs and practices within the Universal Church, but particularly the "Charismatic" (for lack of a better term) segment, of which we have been a part for almost forty years.

We've seen a few things . . . learned a few things . . . seen the best . . . and, regrettably, the worst. There are some values that we hold dear, that need some "adjustment" and a thorough new covenant update, lest doctrinal aberrance, Gnosticism, and legalism take a deeper foothold than they already have!

People often tell me:

Steve, you have written what I have always thought was true, but never had the confidence, or never had the "permission," to dare believe it.

I hope the material that you might obtain, would have the same benefit for you.

If you would like a flavor of our writing or teaching before you commit to buy, please help yourself to some free samples in the menu to left. You can also check out other articles at our blog: www.swordofthekingdom.com.

We provide counseling, leadership mentoring, life coaching, conflict resolution/arbitration, "organizational" trouble-shooting/conflict resolution, and ministry assessments. We are also available for seminars/conferences and local church/organic church ministry. Please send an inquiry email to us at: stephcros9@aol.com for details.

If you would like to know more about us, you can find a short bio in About Us in the Info and Policies tab on the left.

Thank-you. God Bless.

Steve Crosby 

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