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EFFECTIVE January 1, 2018 . . .

We will no longer be producing any soft cover versions of our books. After current inventory is depleted, it will not be replaced. All books in inventory are sold AS IS. There may be light wear and scuff marks on some covers. We are converting to 100% electronic format availability (Kindle, E-pub, pdf) for all our books and booklets. 

If you have ever considered purchasing any soft cover resources, do so NOW before inventory is gone! 

Thanks and God bless you.



Stephanos Ministries is committed to the proclamation and spread of the New Covenant life, love, liberty, and kingdom power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world, one heart at a time.

We provide:

· Resources for healing and restoration from spiritual abuse, unhealthy doctrines, and unsafe church cultures and practices.

· Resources for deliverance from legalism and performance-based religion.

· Resources for church organizational troubleshooting and development.

· Interpersonal and ministry-related conflict resolution/reconciliation resources.

· New covenant and grace-based teaching and preaching resources in all media formats: print, electronic, and video

· Resources for developing relationships: One-on-one discipleship, “fathering,” mentoring, and counseling.

· Home group, organic church, and traditional church resources.

· Diversely gifted Ephesians 4 ministers to serve local assemblies, home groups, and organic church expressions.

If you would like to know more about us, you can find a short bio in About Us in the Info and Policies tab on the left. For blogs, articles, and free resources go to www.stevecrosby.org.

Thank-you. God Bless.

Steve and Rita Crosby

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Soft Cover Soft Cover Soft Cover
Father-Son Ministry, Soft Cover
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