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We are Trinitarian, Christ-centered, new covenant, and grace-based in our beliefs, convictions, and emphases.

We also believe that if our belief systems do not transform our relationships and interactions with God, one-another (the family of God), and humanity those belief systems while perhaps orthodox in creed, are in the end . . . useless, vain.

Personally, I have met enough "Christians" who believe themselves to be scrupulously orthodox in their "creed and doctrine," but who are nasty, cold, loveless, and corrupt creatures with no aroma of Christ on their lives. I do not want to facilitate that sort of thing by putting forth a detailed "articles of faith" in the internet world. One's creed means absolutely nothing if it is not lived out in relationship with God and humanity. You cannot know a person in Christ by their "creed." If you want to know me in Christ, let's begin a relationship together: contact me.

Having "right" beliefs (convictions about the Bible) with "wrong" relationships, will always bring spiritual death. Relationships are the canvas upon which our belief systems are displayed before God, angels, and humanity. All Christian truth is "incarnational," or it is nothing but religious, speculative, philosophy based on the Bible.

We believe "Jesus is Lord," raised from the dead, the authority of Scripture, and the reality of the ministry of the Spirit, are the irreducible minimum of Truth-based koinonia.

We believe in keeping the Person and Work of Jesus Christ central to all we say or do. We believe inordinate emphasis upon interesting, valuable, but lesser themes, usually results in unnecessary division and fragmentation of the body of Christ. There is no shortage of opportunity for speculation and argumentation for "Christians" who want to argue "the Bible." We are not inclined to do so.

We endeavor to be inclusive and irenic in our interactions with other believers. We agree with the Westminster divines who said:

  • In essentials conformity
  • In nonessentials liberty
  • And in all things, charity (love/kindness/goodwill)

Our personal background is fully “charismatic” and includes belief in the continuation until the Lord's return of the ministries of apostles and prophets and all the gifts of the Spirit. However, we do not adhere to many of the beliefs, values, goals, methods, and practices common in the so-called “New Apostolic Reformation” movement and Dominion Reconstructionism.

A detailed articles of faith statement is available upon request only to those who are interested in developing a relationship one with another. Please contact us at stephcros9@aol.com