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Rita and I, or just myself, are available to speak and minister at your conference, church, home group or organic church setting. Our church experience has been mostly in smaller groups and we understand, and are very sympathetic to, the economic challenges associated with smaller groups hosting guest ministry.

To help manage expectations, here's our basic policy: We will come to any size group if our travel, accommodation, and food costs are covered, and if individuals in your group are honestly informed that an offering will be taken for costs ABOVE travel, etc. We also ask that hosting entities EDUCATE folks that it is REASONABLE for EVERYONE to give SOMETHING, no matter how small, to help defray the costs of the event. This is just basic family-life and love together. In a family, everyone shares the burden, at some level. I don't want to abuse groups to rape and pillage them for money. However, neither do I want to be abused, raped, and pillaged for the virtue of Christ in me. Frankly, that happens frequently. Abuse rolls both ways. I hate leaders who violate people for money. I also hate "Christian freeloaders," who think they should get something for nothing.

We have also found that folks can be kind of clueless, or have no reasonable frame of reference for what a respectable offering might be for, let's say a weekend's worth of ministry (Fri evening - Sunday evening). To help manage expectations and educate, here is a reasonable giving guideline for offerings above expenses: $500.00 would be somewhat minimal, $1,500 good, and anything above that becomes the increase of generosity in love.

I pastored a small traditional church of about 25 blue collar families. We were not a wealthy congregation. We always gave between $1,500-$2,000 for a weekend's worth of ministry. How? We trained people to be generous when they received high quality ministry. We were often told we were more generous than many churches that were ten or one hundred times numerically larger than ourselves. That was a compliment we treasured. Generosity is a state of mind that can be cultivated. When I pastored very small home groups, we would be lucky if we could squeeze out $300.00. I get it. If you are really in a difficult situation financially, let's talk.

We would love to serve you to the degree you would allow us to impart what God has given us of the increase of His Person and His Kingdom in apostolic and prophetic dimensions. If you are interested, contact us at stephcros9@aol.com and let's begin a dialogue. We normally would need at least three months advance notice to schedule an event, and often times, more than that! We look forward to hearing from you.