Stephanos Ministries
That in all things, He might have preeminence - Col. 1:18

Rita and I were both saved in the early 1970s at the end of the Jesus Movement era when the charismatic renewal swept through upstate New York, resulting in the conversions of thousands of young “hippies.” Since then, our lives have geographically spanned North America. Our church "ministry" experience ranges from janitorial duties to "senior pastor" within a traditional paradigm. Our "secular" work history includes owning and operating small businesses in upstate PA, and employment with different Fortune 500 companies in metallurgical engineering, optical waveguide engineering, and customer service for myself, and as an X-ray technician, and day care center operator for Rita.

I received my undergraduate secular education at Corning Community College in Corning NY, and my BA, MA, and D. Min. through Christian International College and Graduate School at Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Rita received her X-ray training at St. Joseph's Hospital in Elmira, NY, and her BA in Biblical Studies through Christian Life School of Theology.

We've pastored and ministered in traditional churches, home churches, organic churches, conferences, and Bible Schools in nations on four continents. In 2005 we finished a pastoral assignment within a traditional church structure, and began a journey looking for a quality of kingdom life in the Spirit that was defined by intimate relationships in Christ—sharing life with those of similar values—rather than facilitating “meetings” and administrating an organization.

For the last fourteen years we have not only had the joy of discovering fellow pilgrims in this way, but have also been providing leadership, counsel, and guidance to many who are in various places in a similar journey: re-evaluating belief systems, value systems, and practical expression along relational rather than organizational lines.

While we are all about relationship: "one-anothering" in a functional community as the foundation for all practical kingdom endeavors, we do have areas of passion and expertise.

We strengthen the ekklesia worldwide through practical instruction and impartation of prophetic, apostolic, and radical grace themes, with strong emphases on the Person and Work of Jesus Christ and the outworking of the New Covenant in the life of the believer. We also emphasize the importance of understanding Semitic/Mediterranean basin culture and context when studying, interpreting, and applying the scriptures, especially the importance of understanding Jewish/Semitic worldview and values.

We are also passionate for the manifestation of the full spectrum of "Holy Spirit" issues (gifts, ministries, healings, miracles, etc.) without the latent Gnosticism, baggage, freneticism, nonsense, control, fakery, and hype that so frequently accompany these things.

We have three grown children, and four grandchildren. We have been married for forty-three years.